Quite a three pipe problem

"Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans" - John Lennon

I just looked through the last 5 years of my life as it was presented to me in a neat little highlights package courtesy of the new Facebook. I think the new Facebook is great, but it strikes me that I haven’t really done anything very interesting since about 2007. Pretty gutting, really.

I worry that the reason that I miss Liverpool is because I miss how we were back then, and it wouldn’t be the same if we went back now. I didn’t realise how quickly we’d grow up & get tired. There’s plenty of good stuff to come, but at the moment, even though I’m pretty happy from day to day, when I look at my life overall, it amounts to a lot of sitting around watching telly. I want to do things with my time! …I have no idea what, though…

It’s nearly Christmas. We haven’t got our tree up yet. Simon is always working really late at the moment because it’s Christmas and they’re busy. I miss him. I hope we put our tree up soon.

I tidied the house at last. Maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to tell the landlord that the heating is broken and perhaps someone could come round. Hopefully he won’t turn up himself. (We’ve been freezing for a year now. I’m not sure whether this is how normal people live.)

I am becoming sensible with money. I get a kick out of transferring a little bit of our joint account into our joint savings. We’re getting there slowly but surely. There’s one good thing about growing up. I used to spend a ridiculous amount. Now I can’t go to the shop at all without obsessing about how much things cost, though. I can never get the balance quite right.

I’m back on My Fitness Pal, logging calories.I’m not trying to lose weight, but I was hoping eating a bit more healthily rather than binging on sugary stuff all day might help me feel more energetic and less like curling up on the sofa all evening every evening. So far so good, I suppose. I’m joining the gym in January too. That’ll be good too.

This is a pretty stupid post about all sorts of silly things.I’ll stop now.xxxx


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So I haven’t been on here in a while.

My new job is going fine. It’s completely unstressful, and pretty easy. It can be a bit boring, and sometimes I have not very much to do, but that’s not the worst thing ever. I haven’t had the dreads before work, or even the feeling of counting down to the weekend, yet. The people are good and the money earned per ounce of brain required is definitely pretty high. So I’m happy with it I guess! I’ve realised that I don’t really care too much what ‘career’ I make myself for the time being…all I want to do is earn enough to save money to buy a house, and eventually start our business. Even though that seems pretty far off.

In other news, my grandpapa died 2 weeks ago. It was sad. But I never knew him all that well.

I have stopped reading completely. Better get back on it if I’m ever going to get to 1000. I am half way through Life of Pi, which is a good book and an easy read, so no idea why I’ve stopped really. So yes! That’s what I’ll go do now between now and X factor..



Or this one…

We know you have spectacular HalloWHOeen costumes to submit to the BBC America Costume Contest! 
Here’s how to submit (deadline is 11:59p EST tonight!)

love it!!! fantastic! (the tardis, not the slightly weak 10 effort.)



Or this one…

We know you have spectacular HalloWHOeen costumes to submit to the BBC America Costume Contest! 

Here’s how to submit (deadline is 11:59p EST tonight!)

love it!!! fantastic! (the tardis, not the slightly weak 10 effort.)

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"So if you’re ever feeling down grab your purse and take a taxi to the darker side of town, that’s where we’ll be"

i miss liverpool!

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new job 

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I start my new job in less than 3 weeks!! I’m quite scared! It’s better in every way than my current job, so I’m pretty excited too, but I do fear that they’ll find me out as a useless, bumbling fool!! Really though, I’m pretty happy that I’m moving back in the right direction, both literally (it’s in central London, not way out in north Herts) and metaphorically I guess!

The Time Traveller’s Wife 

I’m reading The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Book number 14/1000…I’ve got some way to go! I’m enjoying it so far. Very wibbly wobbly timey wimey. But simpler than Doctor Who because you can’t change stuff in the past. Pretty good!


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under the bell jar a bit today I guess.

Things I hate 2: teaser Facebook statuses 

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If something is too private to post about on Facebook, then don’t post cryptic little teasers either!!! Grrr! I have a friend who is the absolute worst for this; it’s all “FUCKING HELL what a day”, with no explanation, or “has finally had a bit of good news”, again with no follow up…if you want the attention, share the news, but don’t post little teasers! I dont WANT to be interested in the minute details of her life, but I am, because they are dangled then withheld! Perhaps I need to get off Facebook and get a life however…

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